A Sloppy Technique That Works Better Than Clean Technique Does?

Learning how to properly jump into the guard with a guillotine is crucial to any future choke master. Too often I see people land badly, resulting in injury or lost submission attempts. This video you are about to watch will cover everything you need to know about how to execute the perfect jumping guillotine.

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Sneak Peek 1
4 Finger Pull Back

Sneak Peek 2
Sloppy Choke

Sneak Peek 3
Walk And Sit

We have shown you a counter to a counter, and a trick to get the neck. Our last teaser is going to cover a situation that happens to all of us when we don't choke our opponent.

They eventually escape.

When your opponent undoes your hooks and gets his hips on the mat, he is pretty much out. But he is not out yet!

With the Walk and Sit, we will let him think he is getting away only to reset the back mount with our hooks in again. A must know for all back attackers!