Revealed: the Back Attack Series used by undefeated 10-0 MMA Fighter Jason "The Specimen" Soares that will have you finishing everyone from the back mount!


Your Hosts:

Jason "the Specimen" Soares

Fight Time Champion

David Avellan

ADCC Worlds 2009 Bronze Medalist

Webinar Date:



12:00 PM


9:00 AM


What you will learn on this webinar:

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    A fool proof way of breaking my best counter to the rear naked choke. Before I learned this counter, I had no fear of defending the back mount. I have fended off BJJ World Champions Pablo Popovitch, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, and Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza with no problems. But now I have nothing to fall back on, pun intended. :)
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    A super sneaky trick to get a solid rear naked choke on. Your coach will be yelling at you until you get the tap and wonder what just happened. This one isn't the friendliest technique for the gym, but in a competition or on the streets - it's prison rules!
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    My favorite way of retaining the back mount. I have used this countless times with great success, and can even score a unique submission of the retention. Worst case scenario: you end up on top and not on bottom.
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    The most ninja way of taking the back. Seriously. You will look like a rock star taking the back like this, and you don't need the stars to line up to hit it. In fact, you get into this position at least once a roll.
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    Answers to your questions. For everyone who is attending the webinar live (that should be you), you can ask any questions about our techniques or anything back related and we will answer them for you. This is the best part of the webinar experience, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Time left until Webinar begins:


As we are taking questions and answers live, we will answer them in order. Register now and join us live to make sure your questions get answered and never lose the back mount again!

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