Joint locks are a weak form of submission. They can be difficult against strong opponents and won't stop a maniac that doesn't care about a broken limb. That is why the rear naked choke is the king of submissions.

rear naked choke

Size, speed, and strength all fade when you sink a tight rear naked choke on your opponent. Some of the best fighters and grapplers of our time made their way to the podium with the rear naked choke, such as Roger Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, and BJ Penn.

Roger Gracie choke

Roger Gracie finishing Kevin Randleman with a rear naked choke

marcelo garcia back attack series

Marcelo Garcia moving towards the finish of a rear naked choke

bj penn ufc

BJ Penn getting the tap on Kenny Florian

If you study the greats in our sport (and you should if you aren't already), then the back mount is a must know position. But more than that, it should be one of your best weapons. For that reason, back attacks are a big part of our MMA curriculum on

One of my fighters at the Freestyle Fighting Academy is a back attack machine. But we almost lost him to a terrible motorcycle accident that had left him nearly died. His comeback story is nothing short of amazing. His name is Jason "the Specimen" Soares.

Who is Jason Soares?

jason soares online course

Jason with his ill fated bike

Jason "The Specimen" Soares was born and raised in Key Largo, FL. As a young man, he was a super athlete - lettering in wrestling, football, and track and field. Early on, he knew he wanted to train MMA and be in the UFC, but he also had ambitions of being a stockbroker. Not two things you would normally expect to go together. 🙂

Jason began going to school at Florida International University (FIU), and as it happens, that is across the street from the Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA). This wasn't a coincidence - Jason had a scholarship to go to any state school and he chose FIU to be close to FFA to train with my brother and I. It didn't take long to see that he was a phenom, and began a quick rise to blue belt, crushing his opponents in local grappling tournaments.

jason soares grappling champion

Jason winning a local grappling tournament in south Florida

At this point, he was a promising talent. My brother and I had high hopes for his future, as he was starting to become serious about being a full time martial artist. But as fate would have it, those plans would have to be shelved.

In 2010, he was driving down the highway in his motorcycle and a car smashed into Jason - sending him flying in the air and tumbling to the concrete. Jason was quick to jump to his feet and say he was okay, only to collapse unconscious shortly after.

jason soares ufc champion

Jason after surgery

He was airlifted to the nearest hospital where they had to do exploratory surgery. He was suffering from internal bleeding, broken ribs, a spiral fracture of the tibia, torn achilles tendon, and probably a few other things I am missing.

Needless to say, all of his friend and family were distraught. He was fortunate to survive the accident, but the doctors made it very clear that he would never be able to do sports again, and that even learning how to walk again could take years.

As the doctor dropped the hammer, all in attendance were sad and crying - except Jason. While he couldn't talk as he was on a respirator, he had a notepad that he wrote a message on:

"Get me a fight in 3 months coach. I will be ready."

At the time, this only made everyone sadder. It was believed that he was not accepting the reality of his situation. My brother Marcos was more involved with Jason at the time, and did not want to see this young man get any more hurt than he already was. As he dismissed the idea that Jason could ever do MMA again, my brother wanted to mentor him in business to keep him involved in the academy and help him move forward professionally.

Jason was confined to a wheel chair for the first few months after his release from the hospital. That did not stop him from coming to FFA. He would come to the gym, watch classes, and take notes. It was not long after that he was given crutches, and his unrelenting passion for MMA started to show it's true colors.

jason soares back attack series

Jason after getting out of the hospital

Once he was on crutches, Jason would make his way to the heavy bags and start punching them. This was a big no-no. The last thing we wanted was Jason to fall over and really hurt himself. But, he was a stubborn bastard, lol, so we compromised by letting him do light weights under supervision.

After a few shorts months, he was now off crutches and able to move unassisted - defying all expectations. This was an unprecedented recovery!

Still, my brother was very cautious and told all instructors that under no circumstances was he to do live sparring of any kind. He was only to do technique. Jason starting training in my classes then, and everyone was happy to see him back on the mats. But it was somewhat nerve wrecking because Jason was always testing limits. And after everything he went through, we were all scared what could happen if he went too far.

One day, Jason was in my class and we were about to start rolling. Jason approached me and said that he was going to roll today. I told him that he couldn't, as we were told not to until hearing otherwise from his doctor. He reassured me that he was okay, and that my brother had given him permission to start rolling but no sparring.

I was surprised by my brothers change of heart, and allowed him to roll. It was only midway through the roll my brother came into the class and started chewing my head off. I was confused, until my brother made it obvious that Jason had lied to me.

But his lie worked out for him. He was allowed to roll live from then on out. Not long after that he wanted to get back into competition and do a grappling tournament. As I said, he is pushing his limits, and perhaps ours too. After months of denying him, we relented and allowed him to compete a year after his accident.

He didn't miss a step and dominated local competition, which in south Florida is fierce. After proving he was back in top frame, he qualified to compete in the 2011 FILA Grappling World Championships in Serbia for Team USA. En route to the finals, he scored this win:

He went on to win the FILA World Championships with my brother Marcos coaching him to victory, claiming the first world title for FFA.

jason soares fila champion

Jason winning 2011 FILA Grappling World Championships

From then on, he just kept pushing. And slowly but surely, he made his way through each obstacle into getting back to his dream of fighting MMA.

Just 2 years after his near fatal accident, he made his pro MMA debut in Mexico. He won that fight by rear naked choke.  Over 4 years he accumulated a perfect 10-0 record with 8 submissions - 6 of them by rear naked choke. In 2016, he captured his first title as the 145lb Fight Time Champion.

jason soares

Jason with his 145lb Fight Time Title at a perfect 10-0 MMA record.

Even if you don't get this course, I want you to leave this page learning something more important than a submission, or even martial arts. Jason's comeback from what could have been his death bed was nothing short of amazing. But he isn't magical or some freak of nature - he is human like anyone else.

The difference is his mindset. He held strong to his belief that he would make a full recovery and become the best fighter he can be - despite everyone telling him otherwise. The mind of a champion can be an unstoppable force that can move mountains. Cultivate that mindset and nothing can stand in your way.

What Jason Can Teach You

rear naked choke

Jason climbing to the handle on his way to another rear naked choke finish

As I mentioned at the beginning, Jason is a back attacking machine. Particularly he focuses on the king of chokes, the Rear Naked Choke. When I asked what drew him to focusing on attacking the back and going for the choke, he made a very keen observation I will share with you.

In wrestling, it is known that people will pin themselves when getting worked over. It isn't a conscious decision though. Deep down, this person wants out and their body will make them lose. You watch enough wrestling matches and you will see people suddenly stop bridging for no good reason and get pinned.

MMA is no different. When someone is getting beat down, they want a way out. But, they don't want to look weak either. 

  • What is the best position to lose from where it doesn't look weak to give up in? A submission hold of course!
  • And what position makes it easy for your opponent to go for the submissions without taking a big risk of losing their position? The Back Mount.
  • Finally, what submission is easy to do from the back mount? The Rear Naked Choke!
  • Bonus round: what submission doesn't care how flexible or tough you are? The Rear Naked Choke.
back attacks

Jason working the body triangle en route to another rear naked choke finish. See a pattern?

For these reasons, Jason made the back his go-to position and the rear naked choke his go-to submission. If you watch enough MMA fights, you too will see people give up their back and open up their neck to let themselves get choked.

This is the process of breaking a fighter. Jason has done it time and time again to his opponents. His key strength is his indomitable will, and he uses that conviction to tear down his opponent until they break and give in. He can teach you how to apply constant pressure with your back attacks until your opponent is forced to break and tap out.

Why Learn The Back Attack Series?

jason soares head kick

I know this isn't a back attack, but it's a cool picture and I just wanted to show he can do things other than rear naked chokes. But, he still went on to rear naked choke this guy. 🙂

  • Controlling the back is the most dominant position in MMA and BJJ
  • Neutralize your opponent's speed and strength
  • No one can escape the power of a full blast rear naked choke
  • Develop amazing back retention skills so no one sneaks out
  • Pick up slick ways of taking the back from all of your favorite positions

While everyone "learns" the back mount and Rear Naked Choke within the first few training sessions, there are so many little details, tricks, and tactics that even a well seasoned black belt will not know half of what is on this course. Heck, I have worked with black belt world champions that do not know the stuff Jason knows!

How did he develop this series? The same way all my guys do - specialization. We highly encourage our athletes to fine tune certain parts of the game that come naturally to them. This allows them to really build powerful sequences and become fighting machines. And by picking up this course, you will get a short cut to the front of the line with your back attacking skills!

Does the Back Attack Series Work in MMA?

Definitely not where you want Jason Soares to get on you. 🙂

Do politicians lie, cheat, and steal? You can bet your taxes on it! LOL!

Attacking from the back mount is fundamental to all MMA. The fact is that when you are being dominated on the ground and on your back, there is going to come a point where your opponent will unload a barrage of punches at your face. Human instinct and self preservation will have you turn away - buying you a few short seconds before a well placed choke sinks in.

Don't believe me? I have the numbers to prove it:

The Rear Naked Choke is the most popular submission in the UFC. So if it working for the top pros in the sport, don't you think you owe it to yourself to get good at it too?

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What Does The Back Attack Series Cover?

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    The Rear Naked Choke - The first and perhaps most important thing you will learn on this course. Jason breaks down every aspect of the Lion Killer and shows you how you can subdue any one in your grasp.
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    Short Choke - Also known as the Fedor choke, this simple choke can be substituted in a pinch and get amazing results.
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    The Handle - This concept can be a game changer for the rear naked choke. Once you understand this is the real battle, you will learn to focus your efforts to getting a firm hold of the handle. After that, everything else falls in place.
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    Digging - Hate when your opponent tucks their chin and leaves you with no choke? This technique will lift that chin up like a jack and give you prime access to the their throat!
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    Chin Down RNC - Even if you cannot lift the chin up, you can still finish the Rear Naked Choke. It is just a matter of understanding where to apply the pressure.
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    The Sloppy Choke - At first you might think this is just a crappy rear naked choke. But it is only a rouse to get your opponent's hands out of position for a super legit rear naked choke!
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    Wrist Lock Grip Break - During a grappling brain storm session between Jason and I, we came up with an ingenious way of breaking grips from the back. If your opponent is holding your wrists and preventing you from climbing up his neck, this technique will be a game changer.
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    High Knee Trap - This is such a powerful way of trapping your opponent that you will wonder why you hadn't it seen this before. Once stuck in the high knee trap, your foe will have to give up his neck and then tap out.
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    2 Angles of Choking - This is worth the price of admission alone. Understanding the different angles you can apply leverage with the rear naked choke will revolutionize how you apply each choke. Hint - not all RNC's are the same!
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    Butt Roll - Perhaps the most important back retention tool you will learn. A must know for any martial artist!
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    Back Pack Choke - How many times have you lost your hooks and gave up your back control, even though you still had your harness grip? Did you realize you can choke them out right from there - with the harness grip and all? Mind = blown!
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    Ankle Breaker - If you want to make enemies in the gym, this would be the technique to learn, LOL! An effective way of getting your opponents to expose their back - unless they want broken ankles.
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    Wilson Pass - After training with UFC fighter Wilson Reis, Jason picked up this move from him. This back take is the flashiest way of getting the back I know of that doesn't require you to be an acrobat. 
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    And much more!

These are just a sampling of some of the techniques covered in the Back Attack Series. Altogether, there are 37 techniques that span over 3 hours and 7 minutes of detailed instruction. As always, I include the Back Attack Series Mind Map and online updates for free. 

How Do I Get It?

I know the question most of you will have at this point: "How Much Does It Cost?"

You can get the Online Course (with Streaming Video that you can watch on any device, phone, tablet, or PC) for only:

torrent back attack series

We have a DVD version available as well for $77 plus shipping and handling, which you can get by following the button above as well.

Why Should I Get This?

back choke

Jason's pro MMA debut won by, you guessed it, Rear Naked Choke!

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    You want to attack from a position where you hold all the cards with no need to worry about reprisal
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    You are smaller than your opponents and want to use your speed and technique to your advantage
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    You get the back often but have trouble staying on the back long enough to finish
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    You cannot finish a rear naked choke on good defenders
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    You want to be a clutch finisher on the back and have confidence knowing it is game over when you get it

If you have been following me and my techniques, you will have noticed that I do not teach fancy moves. I don't teach moves that only work if you are flexible, or have a certain body type. I show techniques that work for EVERYONE.

The Back Attack Series fits that prerequisite perfectly. It is the original submission hold. And as Grand Master Helio Gracie said:

"For the choke, there are no tough guys."

Especially if you are practicing martial arts for self defense, knowing the rear naked choke and the back attack series is a MUST. Some street thug might not tap, but he will go to sleep.

TL;DR - Watching this course will level up your back attacks and rear naked choke skills. Get it now! 🙂

Believe and Achieve,

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Still Deciding?

I understand. If you haven't ordered from me before, there is always a leap of faith one has to take when investing in something. Especially when you do it online.

So I try to make this as easy as possible for you with my Money Back Guarantee.


Get the Back Attack Series and receive all the bonuses. You can watch the DVD, use the mind map and take it with you to the gym. If within 30 Days you are not satisfied with the Back Attack Series, then you can return it back to me by simply:

  • Writing a simple review of my system telling me why it sucked and how you didn’t learn one technique from it (you can be brutally honest)
  • Returning the package with all the products within 30 days after receiving the Back Attack Series and receive a full refund.

In the 6 years since I started selling DVD's and Online Courses, I can count the number of refunds I have given out on one hand. Only 5, and I have had thousands of orders made through me.

I'm extremely proud of that fact, and I take great care to ensure everyone that orders through me is 100% satisfied with their order. Whether you want to email me, Facebook Message me, call me, or even do a Skype session to address a problem with your order I will be more than happy to.

If you have read down this far, that means to me you are interested. So go ahead and indulge your curiosity and order now. After all, it is only $67 and if you don't like it, you can get a refund. So really, you have nothing to lose. Go ahead and order now!

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